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Choosing Binary Options Signals

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in 24 Option, Finance | Comments Off on Choosing Binary Options Signals

Binary options signals are alerting signals provided by companies or experienced traders to the less experienced individuals. These signals are tips or suggestions that when followed, claim to ensure success in any trade the individual is entering into. Therefore, one can see the appeal of having to just follow the professionals and be successful. The individual does not have to painstakingly analyze the market or be constantly aware of every market trend. Thus, it is a helpful service when used with caution. For more reviews check Binary Options Signals 


Binary options signals can be sent in three ways. First is via email, which was also the initial method of sending alerts. However, these emails sometimes get sent to the spam folder and the individual loses out on a potential piece of vital information. The second method is SMS. It is quick and more preferable as mobile phones are almost always within the vicinity of the person. The individual can access his email on his phone too, but in case of data services problems, the SMS alert can still be received. Every evening at a particular time, my father’s phone sudden buzzes to life with a large number of text messages showing him the status of his various investments. Although different from binary options signals, this aspect of trading too relies on SMS to be up to date. The third method is via websites. In this method the service provider uploads the relevant information onto the website and this is accessible only to the registered members or users.

As of now, there are many service providers on the internet and otherwise that promise to provide you with ‘expert’ advice without having lift a finger. However, not all of them are capable of doing so and a large number of them are scams. They are designed to trick a potential investor into depositing his money and then not being able to access it. While choosing a binary service provider, it is important to select the one that is the most professional and experienced service provider available.  One can seek help from financial experts who can point us towards the right service providers. Due to its growing popularity, there are a vast number of service providers claiming to be the best when it comes to results. There is no way to verify these claims as such, but the option of opening a free trial account with the service provider is a good opportunity to size up the provider and its claims. Also, one should analyze the service provider’s past records to ensure that they are capable of providing quality service. Checking up on the service provider through reviews and internet searches can help provide valuable information from other users as to how helpful it was or not.


Another aspect to be considered is the kind of strategy used by the service provider. Generally there are two main strategies. One is based on betting models and one is based on the ability to predict in which direction the market will go. Also, experts tend to formulate algorithms based on their experience of the market conditions and provide these to the prospective traders. As is the case with all of the above, there is no fixed method of ensuring success. However, one can choose the right service provider that uses the kind of strategy that one is comfortable with. Add to that satisfactory reviews and reliable past record, and you are ready to take the bull by its horns.

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All You Need To Know About Binary Option Robot

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading | Comments Off on All You Need To Know About Binary Option Robot


Some people don’t feel that they are experienced enough to trade binary options, so they set out to find something that would help them become better at it, or even that would help them become the best at it. Well, those people are in luck, because there is such a thing that can help them; and not only them, but also the people that don’t have enough time to trade binary options, those that don’t quite understand how the market works, or those that just don’t want to do that, but still want to earn some money. This thing is called the Binary Option Robot, and has completely revolutionized the binary options trade.

First of all, let’s say what Binary Option Robot really is. Well, it is a piece of technology that uses algorithms to process all the information that come out of the binary options world, and that could be in any way related to the price of an asset. Then, when the processing gets done, the Robots sends that information to you in a form of a signal, which will basically tell you how to conduct your trade, and if you set up your Binary Option Robot that way, it can even conduct trades in your name.

You see, there are two types of this software, and they are called “auto trading robots” and “signal generators”. As the very name suggests, the auto trading robot is the one that does the trade on your behalf, while the signal generator is the one that only sends the signals to you, and then you get do decide if you are going to follow it or not. And as we have said earlier, Binary Option Robot is these two programs rolled up into one, because it can do the trades for you, or it can just send you the signals.

gamblersSo, what exactly are some of the main features of a Binary Option Robot. Well, first of all, it is a robot that can work with various other brokers, which means that it is compatible with binary options trading platforms (well, at least with the major ones). This means that you can hook it up to your binary options broker, and it will do the job for you. Then, the great thing about this robot is the fact that you can set it up, and basically just tell it want kind of asset it should trade. This also means that you can tell it what size the trade ought to be, how big the daily limit ought to be, or how big should the number of trades per day be. So, all in all, you can just set it up, and let it work its thing on your binary options trading platform.

Perhaps the best thing about the Binary Option Robot is the fact that it is constantly being upgraded. That means that there are no glitches in the system, because they immediately get fixed, and the program gets better by upgrading. This means that you are completely safe here, and that your money is completely secure.
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What You Need To Know About Cherrytrade

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading | Comments Off on What You Need To Know About Cherrytrade

hand and pen pointer, chart

CherryTrade is one of the bigger names in the world of binary options trade that has been in that business ever since 2013. It is a relatively new binary options broker, which is why people really do not know that much about it, and they should, in order to know that they have selected a good broker and that they can be sure that they won’t be scammed. So, let’s say a word or two about CherryTrade.
downloadCherryTrade is a binary options broker that operates from Gibraltar, and has been known for the fact that, unlike most of the other binary options brokers, it did accept American traders there all the way until September 17, 2015. Unfortunately, it does not now, but it does accept traders from all other parts of the world. This made easier by the fact that this broker has developed a network of telecommunications all around the world in order to make it a lot easier to access it. This company claims that they are emphasizing on you and on your trading experience, but that is just their claim.

When it comes to the characteristics of CherryTrade, it should be noted that this particular binary options broker has a payout rate of 85%, which is pretty high, but it should be noted that this is just the percentage at the top end, and for certain binary options, not all of them. And when it comes to various binary options, CherryTrade offers different assets for you to trade, and they include Forex pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices.
gamblersA thing or two really should be said about the trading platform as well. It is pretty easy to follow and is in no way complicated. It offers the traders various options that make the trading process a lot easier. Here, you have the chance of seeing and working with various trading options, such as Option Builders, One-Touch options, Double Up options, and Roll Over options. Also, this trading platform is considered good due to the fact that it offers various learning material to all the traders, which makes it easy for you to learn how to trade, or just to get better at it. It should be noted that there is a minimum deposit at CherryTrade, and it stands at 200 US Dollars or 200 Euros (depending on which currency you choose to trade in).

This binary options broker also has a customer service that can be reached at any time of the day or night. It can be reached through live chat, through a phone call, or through e-mail. However, it should be noted that the customer support service that CherryTrade offers can be rude or unprofessional at some time, and it’s not like in TropicalTrade, but it does do the job it was supposed to.Also, there are a lot of people that are worried about safety, and they should be, because you never know who could be trying to scam you. Well, you’ll be happy to know that CherryTrade has everything thoroughly protected with 256-bit SSL technology, which makes it impenetrable.
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Banc de Binary Signals

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading | Comments Off on Banc de Binary Signals


Binary options trading is a relatively new concept, which on the first site appears to resemble more a roulette or a game of fortune than the actual trading. However, not everything is that simple if you want your trade to be successful. A devoted trader should educate himself on the basics of trading at least; he needs to be able to monitor the trends and changes on the market, to be wise and careful when making his decision. Finally, he should choose a reliable broker, with all the appropriate licenses, high payout and good reputation. All of this is not very easy and it takes a lot of time, concentration and nerves, it can even involve some financial losses until it is done right.

One of the ways to reduce your effort in analyzing the market is using binary options signals. There are different kinds of signals offered through brokers or independent websites specialized only for this area. You can get signals for free, pay for them on some websites or with your broker, and many brokers also offer signals for free once you place the first deposit. These signals serve to alert the traders on the current state of particular assets on the market, to predict the outcomes in the certain period of time, and to give suggestion to the traders whether to call or put the options related to particular assets.

One of the leading brokers on the binary trading market is Banc de Binary. First of all, they offer a very intuitive and user-friendly platform, easy to use even for beginners in binary trading. Minimum deposit is $250, and minimum trading amount is as low as $1. Payout rate is on average 82%, but it can go as high as 91%, depending on the trade and the account type. They also provide a return of 15% if you lose a trade, which means that you will always have some amount of money on your account.
One particular service to be emphasized here is binary options signals and trading alerts provided by this broker. They provide trading signals and event analysis to the users who create Silver account, where minimum deposit is $2500, and those who decide to use golden account and place minimum $5000 deposit. Trading signals from Trading Central are also available to the traders with these accounts, 1 month for Silver and 3 months for Gold account. Therefore, these signals are not possible to obtain if you have the Bronze account. This broker also provides binary options signals and robots, created by ZuluTrade.

You can make any type of account and access these features for free, and they provide you to copy other traders’ strategies, or set the parameters and let the bot do the trading for you. This is not advisable to use if you are a beginner, even though these bots are intended for the beginners, for a simple reason that you still may not know how and why to set the specific parameters.
Since binary signals and event analysis can only be obtained through Banc de Binary if you deposit $2500 or more, if you do not plan to invest that amount of money in binary options trading, maybe it is more advisable to search for other brokers or get some of the free binary signals. Keep in mind that educating yourself and carefully monitoring the market will bring you much more benefit than anything else.

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How To Get Binary Signals Through Porter Finance

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading | Comments Off on How To Get Binary Signals Through Porter Finance


Porter finance is one of the most recently arrived brokers on binary options market, and yet it has collected many positive comments and satisfied traders. It was founded in 2014, and it is amazing how, in only one year of existence, this broker has managed to develop such versatile affiliate program and get connected with so many binary signals providers. Creating an account with Porter Finance enables the trades get binary signals and binary robots from almost every provider there is, including those who accept only highly reputable brokers – which Porter Finance has certainly become in this short time of their existence.
ddddThere are several ways to get binary signals and similar services from Porter Finance, depending on the type of your account or on your preferences. If you want to receive binary signals from third-party websites, there are two ways. First, you can create an account with Porter Finance, place your first deposit, and then choose one or more signal providers from those that are listed on their affiliate program. The other way is finding the signal provider (or providers) whose signals you want to use, and then log in on their website with Porter Finance account you have previously created. Either way, you are likely to have a wide variety of choice. The number, frequency, price and accuracy of the signals depend on the provider you choose, and they vary from one provider to another, but your Porter Finance account can make it possible for you to get any signals you find the most suitable. In addition to Porter Finance signals, Porter Finance is also connected with many binary options robots; therefore you can choose one of the previously described ways to get a binary bot as well, if you want your trade to be done automatically.
CaptureIf you do not want to use third-party signals but prefer doing the analysis yourself, when you create an account with porter Finance and start trading, there will be “Market Indicators” option available on the platform itself, from which you can see current trends and news in the market and decide for yourself whether to call or put an option. On the platform there is also a percentage of other traders who have called or put a certain option, which may serve as a guideline for you as well.
Depending on the type of your account, you are granted daily or weekly market updates and reviews, which can also be helpful when deciding what to do with your options. They give you an insight on the market trends, and if you are good in performing the analysis yourself, these updates can be a very useful tool for successful trading. Account managers are assigned to the users of Silver and Gold accounts; therefore you can always contact your account manager if you need help with the market analysis and predicting the outcomes.

An account with Porter Finance is likely to get you many doors open when it comes to binary signals and many other services, and it is certainly recommended to use this broker if you want to have an access to the widest variety of signals, robots and market reviews.
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About 24 Option Signals

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in 24 Option, News | Comments Off on About 24 Option Signals


Binary options trading has been increasing in popularity among the traders from all over the world. One of the perks of this type of trading that it is simple, based on the assumption whether the price of an asset will rise or fall. However, in order for the assumption to be correct and get the trader some profit, it is necessary to be aware of the trends in the market and the changes of price. If you wish to analyze the news, trends and price fluctuations yourself, it may take serious time; therefore many traders decide to use binary options signals. Here you can see our latest 24option review:

24option-tablet-padBinary options signals provide the traders with the information on which assets are most likely to be profitable, based on the analysis of the market. This analysis is performed by human experts or sophisticated algorithms, so that the traders do not have to spend time doing it themselves.

One of the most reliable binary options broker is 24option, and other than binary options trading, it also provides its users with free signals, or trading alerts, as they are also called. For using these signals, it is necessary to register on the website and place your first deposit, and the signals will be available in a separate tab on the trading platform.

Signals on 24option are created my Faunus Analytics, which means they are third-party signals, so only the recommendation is given to the traders whether to call or put, and the decision is up to them. The signals are created by complex algorithms, with very little interference of people, but still, human experts sometimes do interfere and supervise the process, to make sure everything is running properly.

24option_2Signals are available for over 60 most commonly traded assets, and they are available approximately every hour. You can receive up to 7 signals a day and they can be delivered via SMS, e-mail or widgets. When it comes to extreme volatility in the market, it may happen that you do not get the signals at all, because they would not be reliable. However, this is not something that happens very often. When it comes to reliability of the signals, each of them has a scale which shows the level of reliability, and these scales are also color­-coded. Green signals are more reliable and more likely to bring profit, while the yellow ones are not so reliable, and it may be better to avoid trading these assets in order to avoid risk. 24option signals have a very high winning rate, 83%, which puts them in the group of the most reliable signals available on the market.

All in all, signals provided by this broker are reliable, easy to use and easily available. However, if you choose to use them, be aware that there are no signals which are 100% accurate and they are not a method of earning some easy money. Consider them more as suggestions, and keep in mind that, in the end, the final decision is always up to you.

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